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Old 19-12-09, 08:01 PM
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Default Mr Vincent Burder


Can you pass this message on to Warden and to others as per advise from the President of the OBA, Mr Chris Varney.

Mr Vincent Burder passed away on Thursday at hospital in Melbourne. He was 87 yrs old. Funeral this coming Monday.

Contact details of his wife Mignonne Burder is below,

Trinity Close,

7/22 Camira Street,

East Malvern,


Victoria 3148.

Phone- 613 9568 4771



PS- Milroy pls pass on to your Thomian colleagues.

Dear Arasu,

Thanks for the information.

Mr Burder introduced generations of Thomian boarders in Winchester House to cricket. I can recall the day, after school, 1960 term 1, when we were taken outside Winchester House and given a bat, a leather ball and a single set of wickets – and so began an interest in our minds that endures to this very day. If my memory serves me right we had to deal with the leather ball before we used the tennis ball.

In Mr Burder’s Winchester the guys who slept with their heads towards the sea belonged to Navy and the boys who had their heads towards the sickroom belonged to Army! In Chapman B we had Rovers and Flying Tigers and in Chapman A Lion Hearts and Bengal Tigers…then we ‘grew up’ and became rather boring and ordinary.

Mr Burder acted as umpire dressed in his white shirt and white longs, towering over all of us who were just about knee high to a grasshopper.

I am thankful that I enjoyed exchanging some lively correspondence with him and Mrs Burder over the past few years.

It could well be possible that the last article he wrote for publication was the article he wrote about Reverend Baldwin Daniel.


Milroy Berenger
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Old 20-12-09, 11:26 AM
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Default FR Balwine Daniel

This is the article written by Mr. Vincent Burder regarding Father Balwine Daniel.
Attached Images
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Old 20-12-09, 11:47 AM
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Default the late Mr Burder’s funeral


This is HUGE bigger than Ben Hur….

What a fantastic combination of ideas, energy and goodwill?

The STC OBA NSW pays for the tickets getting approval and confirmation in record time – that is simply unbelievable what amazing operational co-ordination.

David Sansoni suggests GKM and wife fly down to attend the late Mr Burder’s funeral; information of which we get in Sydney at 10AM today November 18th 2009. 10/10 to David Sansoni for combining a fine idea with a magnanimous gesture of goodwill by the STC OBA in NSW.

For those who may not know General Mandawela and the late Mr Burder did the cadetting at STC during the sixties grooming many outstanding soldiers, airmen, policemen and navel officers that have served and continue to serve Lanka with distinction and pride. Perhaps the Burder family will be pleasantly surprised and comforted by the presence of the Mandawela’s. While Mr Mandawela has a sad but unique opportunity to meet a wide range of his old students south of the border.

Niranjan Duraisamy did operational hoops on a day when he was professionally stretched to make sure that the OBA responded swiftly to inform all the participants that the idea could happen.

Next came Eksath, quick thinking, willing to make decisions at the speed of light always seeking to push an idea in a forward direction – no fuss, no bother, just get the job done now!

Mr Mandawela’s daughter, who came with a cool, calm and very professional spirit extended confidence and support to the growing pace of the evolving initiative in real time – a pleasure to deal with.

Reverend Baldwin Daniel, who lives next door to the Burder residence in Melbourne was simply amazed at the pace at which this initiative gathered pace. The STC OBA in NSW was able to give him more information about what was transpiring next door than he knew!!!! Of course we just recycled information we got from the OBA in Melbourne, but he was not to know this, neither was he told!!!!!

Arasu Saravanamuttu was quick to respond with quality information and sound ideas – Off General Conduct report; you have earned it this time!!! No need to forge signatures!!!

Graham Masefield emerged from left field to make a crucial connection in real time – now forgiven for spending most of his time pretending to study, sitting at the back of the famed Mandawela (Burgher) Sinhalese class.

When 90% was done we still needed a kind body from Melbourne to meet and greet the General and his wife at the Melbourne domestic airport, transport them to a home, feed them and care for them, transport them to the funeral and drop them off at the airport – enter Chris Varney no less a personage than the President of the STC OBA in Melbourne – his words not mine, “Leave this one with me and watch this space!!!!”

From left field emerges a name “Trevor Mendis who agrees to meet, greet, transport and house the Mandawela’s in Melbourne.” Simply amazing stuff, the final link in the chain that enables the Melbourne OBA to crystallize their work with the Sydney OBA – not for the first time and not for the last time, the brotherhood is very much alive and well.

Game. Set, Match within 3 / 4 hours. A gesture that owes it’s success to many good Thomians, each playing an important role in real life. The understanding, co-ordination and professionalism all came together in a very Christian fashion.

Thanks to one and all …”We were all transfigured!”



Dear Gents,

The intended dinner in Sydney on Wednesday then changed to Tuesday with the General will now not happen.

Masefield can now breath a sigh of relief about his last terms Sinhalese file…

Mr Vincent Burder who worked closely with Mr Mandawela in the cadet corps at STC passed away Friday. The funeral is on Monday in Melbourne and thanks to the generosity of the STC OBA NSW branch Mr and Mrs Mandawela will attend the event.

The Old Thomian machinery in Melbourne has already swung into action to ensure that Mr Burder gets a fitting send off and that his family is suitably comforted at this sad moment.

I spoke to Mr Godfrey Senaratne this morning and he told me that Mr Burder had been ailing for quite a few years. Towards the end he was mostly in a coma drifting into and out of consciousness. Mrs Burder who was married to him for about 60 years stood valiantly beside her husband throughout the last traumatic weeks. Godfrey and his family have been supporting the Burders over the years as has Reverend Baldwin Daniel who lives next door to the Burders.

Mr Senaratne has been requested to deliver the eulogy by the family and Reverend Daniel has been asked to do some of the readings at the service.

Kind regards and best wishes,

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Old 25-12-09, 02:28 PM
sriyanjay sriyanjay is offline
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Default Mr Vincent Burder.

From "sunil wanigatunge" <imagination@sltnet.lk>,


Thanks for the info. Mr. Burder was my Form MAster in Col B and taught Biology. I still remember his pulling me up for spelling Sinhalese as Singhalese as at SSC! Will there be teachers like these for the coming generations?


From-"Dr. Munasinghe" <atm54@sltnet.lk>,

Thank you.I remember the two of them with gratitude.They were like our parents in Winchester.

From-"Sunil Dissanayake" <sunil.dissanayake@hayleys.com>,
Dear Arasu,

Many thanks for information on the bereavement of Mr. Vincent Burder ( our housemaster at Winchester house 1961 to 1962). He and Mrs. Burder molded us in our formative years with a strict schedule from 5.45 am to 8.30pm. This upbringing has helped us throughout the years. My prayers are with the family and will call Mrs. Burder to sympathies.

I wonder if you can remember me? I remember you used to live at Ward Place in Colombo adjoining the residence of my uncle Dr. Cyril Perera. We were servers for many years at the chapel. The last time we functioned as servers, I remember was the carol service of 1970. I had the good fortune ( Through the kind courtesy of the Sub Warden – Mr. Harshana Perera ) of being invited by the college to read the lesson for the ‘ Old Boy ‘ at this years’ carol service on 6th December 09.
Please keep in touch and send news of yourself. My regards to Rajan.

From-"Weerasekara, Indaka" <Indaka.Weerasekera@dfccvardhanabank.com>,

Hi Hi Milroy,

Nice to see your mail and read about the good old days in the Winchester and Miller/Chapman.

Even though i'm not a part of the DSA Group i do get these mails from Sriyan.

How are things with all of you and trust that every thing is fine.

Good Luck and All the Very Best for the Season.

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Old 25-12-09, 02:40 PM
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Default The funeral service of Mr Vincent Burder

Dear Friends,
This email is to inform you that the funeral service of Mr Vincent Burder was held this afternoon
at Holy-Trinity Anglican Church , Oakleigh,Victoria, Australia.

It was an extremely well attended service where his life was celebrated. It was a fitting farewell for a great Thomian Teacher.
Mrs. Mignon Burder, and daughters Naomi and Sharmini and their families were very touched at the high number that attended
and the high number of Thomians that attended.
His coffin was draped with the College flag and Thomians stood around the coffin and sang the College Song with great gusto!
-A fine Trubute.

Former (STC) staff-members (with their spouses) that attended were:
Keerthi Mandawela (and Mrs. Mandawela)
Rev'd. Baldwin Daniel was one of the 3- officiating priests.
Mr Berty Ferdinands (and Mrs. Ferdinands)
Mr Lecamge.
Yours truly (and Mrs. Senaratne).

The mortal remains of Mr. Vincent Burder were interred at The Botanical Cemetary , Springvale.

Attached hereto please find the EULOGY delivered at the funeral'

Kind Regards
Godfrey Senaratne

Eulogy: Vincent David Burder

( Eulogy delivered by Godfrey Senaratne on 21 Dec 2009, at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia ).

First I wish to thank Mignon, Naomi and Sharmini for inviting me to deliver this Eulogy for my Teacher, Colleague and Friend , Vincent David Burder.

It is interesting that we are gathered here to celebrate the life of a great Thomian Teacher, on the very day (December 21st.) the Church calls us to keep the Feast of S.Thomas , Apostle and Martyr.

Vincent was born in Bangalore, India. After his schooling, he attended The University of Madras - and graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Degree.

In 1949 he took up a teaching position at Carey Baptist College,Colombo. It was here that he first met Mignon. Mignon’s father (The Rev’d . Wilmot Jayatunga, in his lineage a third-generation Baptist cleric), was the Principal of Carey College.

Vincent and Mignon married in 1953.

When Mignon’s father died leaving a young family, Vincent became the father figure for Mignon’s (five) siblings.

In 1951, Vincent joined S.Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia as a Science Teacher. This was the beginning of his major- career, for he went on to give 26 years of dedicated, valuable service to S.Thomas’ College -

At STC, i.e. S. Thomas’ College, Vincent held various responsible positions:

His main areas of teaching were Botany and Chemistry.

For 10 years he was House Master of Winchester House, which was the College- Boarding-House for Boys of age range 6 to 9 years. This responsibility was shared by Mignon (who was also a Teacher at STC)–as House Matron. The small boys were looked after and disciplined in the most kindly manner. He taught the boys to play and love sport: More importantly he inculcated a spirit of sportsmanship – by directing, supervising and judging their sports, as umpire or referee. He continued the tradition set by his predecessor, - whereby sports and other competitions within Winchester-House, were pitched between ‘Army’ (those who occupied the east-side beds in the dormitory) and ‘Navy’ (those who occupied the west-side or Indian Ocean- side beds).

As Senior Science Master and later as Head Master of the Upper School, Vincent discharged his responsibilities with effectiveness, zeal and fairness. He was not feared by his students. He earned the respect of his students and colleagues.

Vincent was Master-in-Charge (‘Company Commander’) of the Senior Cadets, and he held the rank of ‘Captain’. ( I remember him on a College Prize Day, how he stood erect and smart in his ‘Army Uniform’, when he invited the Chief Guest , the Prime-Minister , The Hon. Dudley Senanayake , to inspect the Guard-of-Honour by the College Cadet platoon).

Vincent was also Master-in-Charge of Rifle-Shooting and of Tennis.

As President of the Staff-Club, Vincent initiated and managed a ‘Gratuity-Scheme’ for staff-members leaving after long years of service to STC.

After leaving STC, Vincent took up a Teaching Position in Imade Secondary College - in Nigeria, where he served for 8 years.

Vincent and Mignon migrated to Australia in 1986, to join Mignon’s sisters Shirley and Lucille.

My knowledge of Vincent started in 1951, the Centenary Year of our College –I remember him as a young member of staff at STC residing at ‘Thalassa’ –the big house (on the STC campus) which also contained the Warden’s Office.

I was then an 8 year old student in Winchester House in the care of Rev’d. and Mrs. Barnabas. I moved through the Junior and Senior Dorms and later I came back to STC as Teacher and Boarding House Master. It finally worked out that Vincent (and Mignon) and myself as student or teacher, became part of the STC campus- community for over 2 decades.

Vincent was a highly disciplined man. He was a gentle person- a true gentleman. He stood straight and stood tall. He always showed sartorial elegance. It was the stuff of his military cadet leadership. He was always kind, well-mannered and soft-spoken.

He was a very hospitable person. He displayed ‘a touch-of-class’ in what he served and in how he served - Just ask any friend who has been served ‘cocktails’ by him!

He was an avid reader and a fine conversationalist – religion and politics were his favourite topics.

He also liked to travel and to watch sports. He liked the songs of Nat ‘King’ Cole.

Vincent was a great husband to Mignon- a relationship that can accurately be described as a long and intense ‘love-affair’; a father who wisely guided and lovingly provided for his daughters Naomi and Sharmini, a good father-in-law to Eugine and Ananda and the most fabulous and loving grand-father to Ashan and Shehan.

Vincent was a valued member of his extended-family .

To me and my family, he was a constant and true friend.

Now that his course on earth is ended, I can see in my mind’s eye, Vincent ,the true-gentleman, immaculately dressed , tall and standing erect, fronting up to the ‘pearly-gates’ , and gently requesting of S.Peter (with a ‘cadeting- undertone’), ‘Could I come in, SIR?’

Vincent, our Teacher and Dear Friend, May flights of Angels lead you on your way to paradise and heaven’s eternal day. May S. Thomas and S. Mary and all Saints and Martyrs greet you at heaven’s gate as you behold the face of Christ and attain your eternal-reward.

Vincent, Dear Friend, May you Rest-in-Peace in Christ and Rise in Glory.
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